Making Your Posts Sticky!

It is well documented that when your posts are retweeted often enough, certain website properties  pick up your tweet and are thus visited by searchbots and indexed. This, at present, is the only way to get your tweets/posts indexed and serve as backlinks.

At best, it is a haphazard way to try to promote your offers or to gain backlinks for seo rankings. At SOCIRCIAL.COM we have perfected three ways to ensure that your posts get indexed and serve as strong backlinks to your websites.

First, our platform ensures that your posts get “retweeted” abundantly every single day for a month! As long as you don’t change your post links and run the same post link extensively, the sheer number of these posts will serve to make them seem popular by the search programs and they will feature your posts. Then the search bots will see your post on these websites and credit your link with more ranking.  In my own experiences, I have seen regular traffic come from these links (that’s how I discovered the sticky tweet phenomenon).

Secondly, we teach you how to prepare your posts in such a way so that it will be found by many thousands of websites looking for twitter results for relevant content. Your posts prepared according to our specifications will be more likely to show up on these websites and stay on due to our platform peculiarities. These then become backlinks to your sites and will produce for you higher ranking and even some organic visitors.

Third, SOCIRCIAL.COM in unison with our many worldwide partner websites, like MYCBH.COM and MYWORLDCBH.COM (with website properties numbering in the millions) will bring your posts added exposure by publishing them throughout relevant sites and applications throughout all these networks.  We guarantee that your posts will stick because we stick them ourselves! 

These three combined with our exclusive tweet treatments (special services we perform using your tweets) will really produce massive and long lasting traffic benefits to your sites and offers – not to mention the backlinking seo benefits!

PLUS – there’s one more benefit to all of this…..more followers!  As more people see your sticky posts and see that you are providing information they are interested in, they will follow you.  Your followers will increase, day by day, non-stop!

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