Our Facebook Posting to Millions Background!

Facebook is very touchy about protecting its system from spammers.
Since we are not promoting spamming, we do not allow it in our network.
All members are required to submit significant posts to our network.

We also strongly suggest that each member do not link directly to any
offers but create suitable landing pages which provide information,
offers some free information or download (capture emails – hint),
before clearly indicating to the visitor where to click to visit the offer.
In this way, you are providing a service (information) while also promoting a
particular program, CPA offer or other. Members will feel better knowing
that your posts are informational and not spammy.

Both Facebook and Twitter posts should conform to twitter limits in number of
characters used for the sake of uniformity, ease and reduction of space usage
in all arenas. By doing this we help cut down on annoying readers with
lengthy posts – if they’re interested they’ll click.

Always test your posts – each day you have an opportunity to test another version
of the ad to see if people respond better. You can determine to hold a certain post
for every two or three days – even a whole week, before changing the ad to another
and testing results there. Remember, that if we change the make-up of your group,
we will notify you immediately and you will have this time to change or note the change
as it may significantly impact your testing results.

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