Why Socircial.com?

Socircial.com through its founder, The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado, has developed the next step in harnessing the power of social networking and empowering individuals worldwide, who have something to say but very few who are listening.

With Socircial.com, you will be able to multiply and extend the reach of your message far beyond the limits of your social circle and the instrinsic or imposed limits of your social medium such as Twitter and Facebook.

Up to now, you have been limited as to how you gain followers and fans, how many times you can post and even as to how long your posts can be seen or if they’re search engine friendly or not. We all know how much or how little time people spend online and even how less they may be in a particular social medium like Twitter or Facebook. This translates into mediocre readership of our important announcements, interests and business ideas.

Some of us are not the best in gaining friends online and the number of friends and followers testifies to that. Although many people use Facebook only to interact with family and friends, a great many use Facebook and twitter to open themselves up to new friendships and networking possibilities.

By joining your social circles with those of other members of Socircial.com, you will be able to multiply and amplify your messages to the world. At Socircial.com, we have created many ways for your message to have the greatest impact possible – definitely more than you are able to achieve today by any means!

At Socircial.com, we believe in Twitter and Facebook. We believe that they each have native qualities that reflect our unique humanity. These social platforms are strong because of this fact. But we also know that both platforms are lacking in the development of the same in establishing new forms of communication and community. Socircial.com has come up with a way to harness these qualities and to forge new user interaction with both platforms using third party applications and portals along with the Socircial.com model itself!

The end result of what we have developed and are continuing to, will be a more profuse utilization of Twitter and Facebook in a myriad of ways to enrich community and the use of these platforms by all Internet users as a staple to their online presence and activities.

Socircial.com will be the catalyst to new ways of using Twitter and Facebook as we increase social viability of these platforms, as well as, our own.

We invite you to become part of Socircial.com – destined to re-shape the Internet community forever!

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